Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Story to Tell

Well, this blog has not gone far. I have mixed feelings about it. As much as I want to share every moment and detail of this surrogacy to help promote the very positive aspects of surrogacy, I wonder whose story it is to tell. Is it mine? The parents to be? The unborn child?

Technology is wonderful and can bring together people from many places to a common ground. I believe it is a very useful tool to share information but can it be too much? I am just not sure, so here I am with so many stories and thoughts to share and not really able to post them at this time. Maybe someday I will find a way to share this amazing journey because indeed it is amazing.

I can share this ... in about 8 weeks a beautiful little girl will meet her parents. I can not even begin to tell you how excited we all are.

Peace, love and kindness,


  1. I hope you find a way to express your thoughts and feelings in a way that they will be preserved for even just you to look back on over the years - I am SO glad I started blogging with my first surrogacy - those posts and reminders of all the things we went through, all the feelings, all the joy are SO precious to me! :)

  2. Before I started my Blog I checked with my IP's and made sure that it was OK and that they were comfortable with the idea. I also had them pre-read and add/remove any details they wanted kept private!

  3. Amy, I hope you WILL write somehow and sometime soon about your whole experience, or experiences. I think it is really valuable for folks to understand the process and the very positive feelings and love that goes along with it, on ALL sides. I think many think the whole idea makes the baby sort-of 'store bought'. And that is so far from the truth !!


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