Saturday, August 28, 2010

#1 Question

Today is Day 4 ... counting the days away does not seem to be helping with speeding up time. So I was trying to think of something else to write about today. As I am writing this blog to be a journal of my surrogacy AND to hopefully help others who may be looking at being a surrogate or having a surrogate I guess I should really look at some of the questions that people have.

I think the number one question that I am faced with is:

"Is it hard to give the baby up?"

This is indeed a very natural question and I think for me it is very simple to answer but I do not think it is so simple for people to understand. I think all people are different so the feelings around this may be very different for each person.

For me, NO it is not hard because I am not 'giving up' a baby. I am carrying a baby for someone else, it is not mine to keep and it has parents and there fore it is not being 'given up'. I really think that it is little mind sets like this that makes it much easier.

I also can not even tell you the joy that is felt in knowing that you have helped another grow their family. For me it is amazing ... every little thing that I cherished in my own pregnancy I am 'standing in' for someone else. I am honored to be chosen as this stand in and feel that I have a duty to do a good job and to share even the little things with the intending parents so that they too can participate in this wonderful experience. So for me, every step of the way ... every movement, every twinge, every heartbeat ... I need to find a way to pass that along to this child's parents.

What do you think? Does that make any sense?

Fellow Surrogates ... I would love to hear from you.

Do you have other questions? I would love to share my thoughts and hear yours!

A magical day to you!

Peace, love and kindness,


  1. I'm a first time surrogate. I lost like 30 pounds last year and finally felt good. I haven't even started taking my meds yet...that comes 9/3, but I know to expect to gain weight with the pregnancy, but since you've done this b4, did you or other gain a lot from the meds too? I'm a small frame girl...and pregnancies w/ my own kids look horible on me! I was fat from head to toe...That was 11 and 15 years ago so I pray I carry nicer this time, but was currious about the gain from meds???
    Thanks for the advice..

  2. Are you a Traditional or Gestational surrogate? How was your last surrogate pregnancy(Mentally and physically)? How did your children/husband react to it? How often do you get to see the baby? Will you be a part of this new babys life?

    I have told you but wanted to say again, I think you are giving the greatest gift... The gift of life, The gift of a child. Blessings, (Hope that wasn't to many questions).

  3. Christina - I plan to answer question here on my blog as I go along but in the mean time would love to answer your questions ... could I send you an email? I would need your email address!

    Thanks! Amy

  4. The surrogate mother is the woman who gives hope for the happy future for the childless family, hope to hear children’s laughing and children’s joy in the house, feeling of the completeness of the family. For those people who do not suffer from infertility problem this topic seems to be far away from the ethical one.

  5. Hi Amy,
    I read your story and it amazes me how you can give this gift of life to others. We too used a surrogate to have our son in 2011 after 9 years of infertility treatments etc. I was hoping you could point me out to someone who would like to do this again. Our son is 2.5 and we don't want the gap between the siblings to be too big. The agencies take a big chunk of money to just find you a surrogate and we found they didn't do much to help in the matter. We can do this without them and just have an attorney write up the contract etc. Where are you located? and is this something you would consider doing again? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your time..

  6. I would like to be a surrogate.


I love to hear your comments and will try to answer any questions! I just ask that you please be kind! Thanks and have a most magical day!